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Chrysus SRV Race (Event report which may not be 100% accurate...)
Date: Thursday 18 February 2021 Location: Chrysus (2.24G) Contestants: CMDR Fru, CMDR capnbobski, CMDR smellster, CMDR GolfBravo, CMDR Razzafrag (RATPAC) and CMDR Head_Case The Race: From the starting point a 30Km drive across the icy wastes strewn with boulder back to The Rock planetary base. The Rules: None .. all forms of violence and shenanigans allowed and encouraged!Chrysus SRV Race [Read More]
CCN Space Limbo Contest
On Sunday the 31st of January 2021 the CCN Faction held it's first Space Limbo contest of the year. CCN Space Limbo Contest Date: Sunday 31st January 2021  Time: 17:30 IGT Location: The Boneyard in Canis Subridens  Game Mode: Open  The Event: Players gather at point 1 in their ships (suggested ships are Sidewinder or Eagle or something cheap and flat!). As point 2 is ship [Read More]
Carnage? Chaos? Destruction? Mayhem? ... it can only be the Sunday SRV madness ...
This weeks Sunday SRV madness was once again at The Rock planetary base in Chrysys. This time a different type of course was devised:The demolition derby course at The Rock in Chrysus CMDR Fru lovingly crafted this course in a figure 8 to ensure maximum player on player contact. The word went out that the event was on and the following lunatics players signed up: Team A: CMDR Fru CMDR E DO [Read More]
The SRV racing madness continues ...
This Sundays racing venue was The Rock on planet 3 in the Chris's system. A stunning setting for an SRV base in 2.3G ... As usual the participants assembled at The Rock planetary base at 18:30IGT. This week we had: CMDR HRH BushRat (RATPAC) CMDR Majic-Monkey (RATPAC) CMDR Razzafrag (RATPAC) CMDR ED O (CCN) CMDR Fru (CCN) CMDR Head_Case (CCN) The course was cunningly designed by CMDR [Read More]
The Colonia Chronicles has a new logo ...
Check out Colonia Chronicles new logo and while you are there why not have a read of some of the fabulous material published by CMDR Isislanka ? [Read More]

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