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CCN Faction hunting in the Centralis HAZRES sites...
The faction has recently started actively hunting the HAZRES sites as a wing of 2 or more ships. The main objective being to progress player ranks in combat but very high on the list is also the fun which can be had. Tonight's hunting party is a good example of how things go .. CMDR's Openflanker, Fru, XFightingFalconX, Wishblend and Head_Case set out for the A9 HAZRES in an assortment of ships. [Read More]
Starmoth has a new home ...
CMDR Isilanka has now secured a home for the Starmoth series of stories, lore and other space goodness. You can access it here .... [Read More]
We need CMDR's ...
If would like to join us click here and sign up today! [Read More]
Sudden Tritium Shortage In Colonia
From our news office in Bolden's Enteprise, Tir System, Colonia Region. As we are getting news from the Bubble that the markets for several popular mining materials such as low-temperature diamonds are currently crashing due to the long-awaited explosion of the so-called "mining Bubble", an unexpected problem is hitting the Colonia region : Tritium shortage. A common yet somewhat hard to [Read More]
Drunk Driving Ends The Bubble Beverages Expedition
It is with sadness that we have to announce that the beverages carried by CCN Hypatia will probably not reach Colonia anytime soon. It is still quite unclear what led to the Beluga performing a spectacular crash landing at Eudaemon's Anchorage in the Rohini system. The crew, mostly uninjured, is still busy picking up the pieces of the ship and the ATC has refused to make any comment as of now. [Read More]
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