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Carnage? Chaos? Destruction? Mayhem? ... it can only be the Sunday SRV madness ...
This weeks Sunday SRV madness was once again at The Rock planetary base in Chrysys. This time a different type of course was devised:The demolition derby course at The Rock in Chrysus CMDR Fru lovingly crafted this course in a figure 8 to ensure maximum player on player contact. The word went out that the event was on and the following lunatics players signed up: Team A: CMDR Fru CMDR E DO [Read More]
The SRV racing madness continues ...
This Sundays racing venue was The Rock on planet 3 in the Chris's system. A stunning setting for an SRV base in 2.3G ... As usual the participants assembled at The Rock planetary base at 18:30IGT. This week we had: CMDR HRH BushRat (RATPAC) CMDR Majic-Monkey (RATPAC) CMDR Razzafrag (RATPAC) CMDR ED O (CCN) CMDR Fru (CCN) CMDR Head_Case (CCN) The course was cunningly designed by CMDR [Read More]
The Colonia Chronicles has a new logo ...
Check out Colonia Chronicles new logo and while you are there why not have a read of some of the fabulous material published by CMDR Isislanka ? [Read More]
We now have an Xbox squadron!!
Huge thank you to CMDR GMFrosty1920 (XB1) for setting up our Xbox squadron .. no excuses now for all you Xbox players not to join us!! Just click on the logo below and make a difference in Colonia ... Join the faction NOW!! [Read More]
All along the The Watchtower ... SRV racing to the next level!!
Following on from the test SRV race in Centralis we did, as planned, arrange another race but at a very different venue. The starting point was The Watchtower in Tir A2. Unlike Centralis A3 which has 1.03G this planet only has 0.3G ... this fact alone meant we were looking at a very different race with more time spent off the ground than on it!! We also had more participants: CMDR E DO, CMDR [Read More]
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