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Materials Gathering Expedition - 26th to 28th Feb 2021
There is a star system about 800Ly from Colonia called Eol Prou FH-G c13-1064 which has an incredible 321 Geological sites which offer ALL of the surface based materials in one convenient spot. CMDR ED O kindly offered the use of his Fleet Carrier (Bismarck) to takes us there and back. An invitation was extended to all CMDR's in the faction to join us for this trip and fill up on materials. [Read More]
Chrysus SRV Race (Event report which may not be 100% accurate...)
Date: Thursday 18 February 2021 Location: Chrysus (2.24G) Contestants: CMDR Fru, CMDR capnbobski, CMDR smellster, CMDR GolfBravo, CMDR Razzafrag (RATPAC) and CMDR Head_Case The Race: From the starting point a 30Km drive across the icy wastes strewn with boulder back to The Rock planetary base. The Rules: None .. all forms of violence and shenanigans allowed and encouraged!Chrysus SRV Race [Read More]
CCN Space Limbo Contest
On Sunday the 31st of January 2021 the CCN Faction held it's first Space Limbo contest of the year. CCN Space Limbo Contest Date: Sunday 31st January 2021  Time: 17:30 IGT Location: The Boneyard in Canis Subridens  Game Mode: Open  The Event: Players gather at point 1 in their ships (suggested ships are Sidewinder or Eagle or something cheap and flat!). As point 2 is ship [Read More]
Carnage? Chaos? Destruction? Mayhem? ... it can only be the Sunday SRV madness ...
This weeks Sunday SRV madness was once again at The Rock planetary base in Chrysys. This time a different type of course was devised:The demolition derby course at The Rock in Chrysus CMDR Fru lovingly crafted this course in a figure 8 to ensure maximum player on player contact. The word went out that the event was on and the following lunatics players signed up: Team A: CMDR Fru CMDR E DO [Read More]
The SRV racing madness continues ...
This Sundays racing venue was The Rock on planet 3 in the Chris's system. A stunning setting for an SRV base in 2.3G ... As usual the participants assembled at The Rock planetary base at 18:30IGT. This week we had: CMDR HRH BushRat (RATPAC) CMDR Majic-Monkey (RATPAC) CMDR Razzafrag (RATPAC) CMDR ED O (CCN) CMDR Fru (CCN) CMDR Head_Case (CCN) The course was cunningly designed by CMDR [Read More]

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