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The CCN faction is looking for new members. Your Elite Dangerous ranks are not important and you don't need a fleet of ships (outfitting has improved in Colonia).

We are looking for:

CMDR's who have a good sense of humour.

CMDR's who are based in Colonia.

CMDR's who can work as part of a team.

CMDR's who are willing to work to help the faction meet its aims and objectives.

In return we offer a friendly faction Discord and the rewards of working with other faction members to make a difference in Colonia.

What we are not looking for:

Discord server collectors, CMDR's who say they will help but don't, CMDR's who are not committed to helping the faction and other general time wasters.

If you want to make a difference in Colonia and think you are the type of CMDR we are looking for click on the CCN logo below and it will connect you to our Discord server where we will welcome you and make you feel at home.

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About The Faction 

Colonia Citizens Network Faction came about as a direct result of the efforts from the early days of CCN. As a Community we have striven to popularise and promote the Colonia region and provide activities and a sense of family. With the arrival of the Colonia Expansion Initiative, the region was flooded with a number of factions wishing to make their mark on Colonia. CCN remained a focal point for that activity.

Colonia - A place of beauty and opportunity

The Colonia hub was setup to bring those factions together and form a kind of council. CCN provided the infrastructure to allow this to happen. Sadly the factions refused to accept our position of neutrality and a breakaway group created the CEI discord for this very reason. CCN had never had an actual in-game presence, this was not a knee-jerk reaction in anyway. After a discussion between the custodians it was decided that we would approach the Developers to see if we could be brought to life within the Elite universe.

Phoenix Harbour .. home to the CCN Faction

Thankfully the developers were open to our suggestion and CCN had it's own presence in game. CCN Faction works from our spiritual home of Phoenix Harbour in the Centralis system. We also have a Megaship ("Damask Rose") in Centralis and a space station ("Bolden's Enterprise") in Tir. 

If you choose to join us all we ask is that you get involved in the faction both on our discord and in game. If you are interested in joining us for fun or for dedicated BGS action click the faction logo below to join us.

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