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Colonia Ship Builds

In the past the outfitting has been less than adequate in Colonia. This has now changed and it's possible to get almost every module and most ships. The list below may not be completely up to date but it gives you a good idea of what is possible.

Colonia Edition Explorer - Asp-Explorer

Asp Explorer is a very good choice for medium range exploration, and at a nearly 42 ly jump, it can push the limits of what a medium range explorer can do. The only downside is the small scoop. Guardian booster is NOT needed whatsoever

View build here

Colonia Edition Refueler/Explorer - Type-6

The type-6 got a buff in 3.0, so it's a decent explorer now. Here's a 21 ly version with everything you'd need for medium range exploring. Also shown is medium distance refueller

View build here

Colonia Edition Jumper - Adder

The adder is one of the lightest ships available meaning it can get a respectable jump with easy to get modules. Here's a simple and cost effective build for exploring around the Colonia region.

View build here

Colonia Edition Miner - Python

Mining is all about power distributors to power those hungry mining lasers. The Python is perfect for havingthat huge distributor. Feel free to downgrade the refinery and limpets, but this is the gold standard build.

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Colonia Edition Commodity Trader - Python

Here's a hauler you can build in Colonia. I run heavy armor without shields to squeeze a few more tons on-board and so that I can use the 3A power plant. Feel free to stick a shield on it, but you would have to up size the power plant if you did that.

View build here

Colonia Edition Transport - Type-7

Shieldless Trader capable of transporting the max of 304t for medium Landing Pads. "The Ship" for Colonia trading CG´s. Completely defenseless and without Fuel Scoop, so better watch your six and your Fuel.

View build here

Colonia Edition Passenger Transport - Type-7

This is a good build for running passengers around Colonia, only using modules able to be purchased in the region. I go with First Class cabins because it allows me more freedom to choose the passengers I want. Feel free to switch out for economy. Or even cargo racks if you need a hauler.

View build here

Colonia Edition Combat Ship - Vulture

This is the standard Vulture build developed by Gman which we have been using for hunting Compromised Nav Beacons in wings of 4. It is very nimble, robust and delivers good firepower. No CCN member should be without one!

View build here

Colonia Edition Combat Ship - Anaconda

If you want something a little bigger and heavier than the Vulture to take to the RES or the CNB look no further than this Colonia build Anaconda.

View build here

Colonia Edition Combat Ship - Keelback

Cheapest ship that can carry a Fighter. This is for Combat / Fighter Multicrew and Fighter Canyon races.

View build here

Colonia Edition Combat Ship - Sidewinder

The famous Colonia "Railwinder". Good for learning to get used to fixed Weapons and also for FA off training. After two Doubleshots let the ship cool down for a couple of seconds. To save ammo switch one Railgun off until it's empty and then use the other one to stay a little longer in the "Hunting Zones".

View build here

Colonia Edition Combat Ship - Fer-De-Lance (Helium7 Build)

If the Pirate Lords are annoying you and you want to take them down or perhaps do more damage in the RES this speed machine could be just what you are looking for. Heavily armed and very agile.

View build here

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