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The Spansh Trade Planner

Finding Trade Routes

Use EDDB to find the best commodities to trade.

  • It is important to not only maximise profit, but to also have a variety of commodities to sell to our marketa we control. Centralis is an extraction economy, so that means they import commodities from high tech, manufactured, industrial and agriculture economies. The most efficient way is to hit up one of each of these types of systems and buy 10 units of every item that our market imports. You can know which those are because in the commodity market it tells you what kind of economy the particular commodity exports to. Once you get 10 units of every item, fill up the rest of your ship with the most profitable commodity(figure this out before jumping around everywhere). However, NEVER buy more than 200 units of a single commodity, as it destroys the supply/demand and will lead to long term reduction of profit. Also NEVER trade anything from the weapons category as it puts us into civil unrest.
    • Here’s an example shopping list for a T9 (I’m skipping manufactured because they only export 2 different things to extraction economies so it’s not worth the extra time to grab those two things) (this is just an example and will lead to lower profits overall if you go to these exact systems, contact reti on how to find the best routes)
      • Deriso/Giles Station (Agriculture)
        • 10 x each of: Animal Meat, Coffee, Fish, Fruit and Veg, Grain, Tea, Wine
      • Ogmar/Whirling Station (High Tech)
        • 10 x each of: Consumer Tech, Evacuation Shelter, Synthetic Meat, Advanced Medicines, Basic Medicines, Performance Enhancers, Bioreducing Lichen, H.E. Suits, Land Enrichment Systems, Structural Regulators, Explosives, Muon Imager
      • Ratraii/Colonia Dream (Industrial)
        • 10 x each of: Mineral Extractors, Skimmer Components, Geological Equipment, Clothing, Thermal Cooling Units, Water Purifiers, Power Generators, Food Cartridges, Domestic Appliances, Liquor, Building Fabricators
    • That will take 300 cargo (30 different commodities x 10 each). In a full trader T9, you’d have 784 space (use the last slot for a docking computer ffs) leaving you with 484 empty cargo space. Since you never want to buy more than 200 units, take that 484 and split it into 200 + 200 + 84 units of the 3 highest profit commodities. Use EDDB single route trader tool to figure out the best ones to import to our system before you start this so you don’t have to back track to another system (typically high tech offers the best profit/tonne)
    • This creates 30 “inputs” (because you sold 30 different commodities) into the market which is effectively a multiplier on the effectiveness of the trading. The input multiplier caps at around 50-60, so if you do this route twice, you’ll have maxed out your input multiplier for the day. Once you’ve maxed out the multiplier, you can start focusing on getting raw profit, but again, NEVER buy more than 200 units of a single commodity.
    • For smaller ships, pick one or two economies to import from, for instance in a T6, you’ll want to maybe just hit up a high tech system and grab 10x everything and then fill up the rest of the cargo with the highest profit and do that run 5 times or so to maximise the input multiplier. A python can hit up two systems with its bigger cargo hold.

Latest information:

Basically you should take ~150t of the most proftable commodity, and add a second one, until you reach ~150t again. That means, in a conda you gonna trade 150+150+100t, in a cutter 3x150t+1x210t, and in a T9 4x150t+120t. This also makes surface ports with markets valueable assets.

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